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the art of
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HFC Productions Inc. is a Canadian based events company operating since 2013.

We have produced dozens of events, varying in size from 8 people to 8,000. From small, intimate athletic events to large scale world-class trade shows, no event is too big or small.  We create events from the ground-up, our team does it all.

Our areas of expertise include (but are not limited to);
- Permitting with municipalities, states/provinces, parks and transportation departments.
- Event logistics, including international shipping and event day logistics.
- International talent booking and management.
- Volunteer management.
- Event staff management.
- Venue relationships and negotiations.
- Event finance management.
- Event ticket setup, management and strategy.
- Social Media management and optimization.
- Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
- Web design and website management.
- Trade show floorplan design and compliance with fire code, etc.
- Event attendee and vendor customer service.
- Vendor and Sponsorship sales and marketing.
- Management of non-profit and professional associations.

If you need help with your event (big or small), we would love to talk! Please email us at;



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